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American Clan Leslie Society Journals 1-20

Auction Records of Balquehain & Fetternear Estates

Balquhain Castle (Alstaire Leslie, 31st Baron of Balquhain)

Biographical Sketch of Allen Lesley, Esq. General Attorney Reading Company

Captain Robert Leslie-Lessly (1694-1755) Banff, Scotland

Complete Peerage – Roths

Count and Countess de Leslie (Aurora)

Descendants of James Leslie of Topsfield, MA

Descendants of William Lesley, Jr.

Early Leslies in York County, South Carolina – Their Migrations to Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas: Their Ancestry and Descendants

Genealogy of the Lesley Family since 1750

Great Historic Families of Scotland, The

Griffins 1979 – 1990 (minus 1989)

Grimm (Rhea Alton Grimm, Toni C. Fitzgerald, Donna Faye Hutchins)

Grimm – Meyer - Heredia

Grimm – Halterman

Grimm – Lesley (James David Grimm, Jr. and Anna Lee Lessley) Vol. I & II

Grimm –Lisa Maye Grimm

Hartzell – Grimm Vol. I & II

Historical Records of the Family Leslie from 1067 to 1868-9

History of Lesslie, Leslie, Lesley Family

History of Cecil County, Maryland – Old Families

History of Upper Long cane Church, Abbeville, SC

History of William Howard Leslie, The

James Leslie of Topfield, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants

James Lessley & Sarah McCune CA 1718 Vol. I, II, III

Journal of Theodore Lesley with Transcriptions of Civil War Letters

Introduction and Illustrations in the Merville, Earle of Melville and the Leslies, Earls of Leven

Lady Leslie Supplement & Bevins Notes 1755-1955

Larus Leslaeana Explicata

Larus Leslaeana Explicata, sive Clarior Enumeratio Personarun Utriusque Sexus Cognominis Leslie, etc

Laird of Warthill

Leslie Chart of John T. Lesley, Tampa

Leslie Chart of Theodore Lesley and Mary Yancy

Leslie Family and Collateral Branches

Leslie Family History (William N. Leslie)

Leslies Counts of the Austrian Empire, The

Leslies in Russia; An Annotated Genealogy

Leslies of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, The (condensed notes)

Leslies of Tarbert, County Kerry, and Their Forbearers

Leslies, The (article from Scotland Magazine 1973)

Leslies, The (Lesleys and Their Name)

Lesley – Explanation of Surname and Family Orgin

Lessley Family Records: Samuel Lessley of the Carolina Waxhous and Descendants

LeRoy G. Lesley (B. 1807, Abbeville, SC)

Lincoln Library of Essential Information

Long Care Area of South Carolina (folder)

Mayor E. L. Lesley (Emory Leroy Lesley)

McClung (Steven Michael McClung)

McClung - Grimm

Morgan Family

Morgan – Lesley Family

Narrative of Military Operations, Directed During the Late War Between the States

Notable American Women 1607 – 1950

Notes on Hillsborough County, FL Families

Notes of the Families of Benj. C. Yancy and John Cunningham

Oaklawn Cemetery, Tampa, FL (Burial site of L. G. Lesley family)

Old Bible (printed 1859)

Pedigree of the Family of Leslie of Balquhain

Peter W. Lesley of Georgia

Pioneer Florida (newspaper accounts)

Pitcaple Castle, Scots Magazine, Nov. 1965

Pitcaple Castle, Scots Magazine, Nov. 1965

Sacred to the Heart of Memories

Search for Panto – Leslie (materials)

Scotland and America

Scots Peerage Founded on Wood’s Edition of Sir Robert Douglaśs Peerage of Scotland, The

Scottish Family History

Scrapbook of Theodore Lesley

Steel Bonnets, The

Some Leslie Families

T. B. Ellis, Sr. (short record)

Theodore Lesley

Theodore Leslie – Transcriptions from the Florida Peninsular

Thomas Lesly, (Revolutionary Solider of SC, died in Tennessee)

Thomas Livingston B. 1759, wife Mary Chiles

Timnadh Nuadh (Gaelic Bible)

To Whom Much is Given

Updated History of the Family of John N. Leslie and Hannah Vanemon

Wardlaw House, Madison FL (Fruitcake Incident)

William Preston Grimm and Amanda Jane Wiseman’s Descendants


Count Leslie


George Rupert Arbuthnot Leslie, Esq.

Warthill Aberdeenshire

Warthill House

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