Front Cover

Cecil's Garden

by Holly Keller



Cecil cannot wait until he is able to plant a garden with Jake and Posey. It's a perfect day to begin-until the three rabbit friends arrive at the plot. Then the arguments start. There is only room for five vegetables and they have six packets of seeds. Which one should go? Or, which two should be planted together? Instead of solving the problem, the three argue. Soon, it's too hot to work and they go home. Disappointed at the day's events, Cecil decides to visit his mice and mole pals, but finds each group embroiled in its own arguments with no one willing to compromise. After witnessing their disagreements, Cecil decides to take control of the gardening situation and comes up with the perfect solution. At harvest time the rabbit friends enjoy bountiful produce. As for the argumentative mice and moles-unable to compromise, they miss out on a savory garden stew. The full- and half-page watercolor pictures add life to the characters and story and clearly demonstrate why Cecil's solution works so well.
Karen Scott, Valley Intermediate School, Pelham, AL


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