The Mission of the Moultrie-Colquitt County Library System includes serving as the primary provider of information services to our community. Access to computers and the Internet are provided to serve the informational, educational and recreational interests of our citizens.
The Internet is an important source which expands and enhances the Library’s research and information services. However, there is no control over its content, producers or distributors, and it is possible to find material that is unreliable, offensive or disturbing to some users. Consequently, the Library does not endorse any content found via the Library’s Internet connection.
The Library’s website provides users with easy access to specific Internet sites that are useful,
age-appropriate, and known to be reputable. In addition, terminals are equipped with filtering software provided by Georgia Public Library Services, which is designed to prohibit access to objectionable sites. However, no such measures are fail-safe. Filtering software may block useful information from being retrieved. The Library’s goal is to strike the best balance possible between the public’s need for information and the community’s expectation that minors will be protected. Patrons age 18 and above may request unrestricted access to the Internet for research and informational needs.


• All outstanding fines must be paid before using a library computer.
• A computer user must only use their own library card number and be able to present their library card if requested by a staff member.
• Please turn off phones or put them on vibrate. There should be no talking on cell phones at the computers.
• Only one user per computer at a time. Two users may use one computer in the following cases: 1) handicapped users who cannot use the computer by themselves or 2) parent/legal guardian whose child is in grades 1 – 5. In those cases, please make accommodations with the front desk staff.
• Children must be at least in the 1st grade. A parent may sit with a child in 5th grade or under if the child needs help, but other children cannot be left unattended in the Library. There must be an adult with them.
o When a child is set up at a computer by his or her parent, there must be no going back and forth from the computer area by either parent or child. Parents and other siblings are to wait for the child in the reading area.
o Parents or legal guardians of children under age 18 must accept responsibility for their children by signing the Internet Registration Form in person at the Library. In granting permission for the child’s use of the Library’s Internet connection, the parent or guardian accepts full responsibility for the child’s behavior and experiences while using the Library’s computers.
o Children under 18 are considered adults if they are married or have been legally claimed as Emancipated.
o Disclosure of personal information by minors is not allowed. Disclosure, use or dissemination of personal identification information of minors is prohibited.
• Please be courteous to your neighbors and other computer users by not talking or watching another user’s screen.
• Only library staff is allowed to talk to anyone seated at a computer terminal.
• Headphones are allowed at the computer. Please be careful in controlling the sound level.
• Computer time will be allotted as a block of time on the computer. Additional time may be allowed if no other person is waiting. Daily limits may be imposed during peak usage times.
• E-mail accounts will not be provided by the Library nor is Email software loaded on the Library computers.
• Downloading programs to the hard drive is prohibited. The Library reserves the right to deny access to anyone downloading large files thereby slowing down access for others.
• Printing charges are  Black and white  $0.25 per page  8 ½ X 11 ;  $0.35 per page 11  X 14;  $0.50 per page 14  X 17 and  Color $1.00 per page all sizes
• Computer privileges may be revoked if a computer user habitually ignores library guidelines. Users will be warned once. Continuing to disobey rules will result in a staff member asking the offender to leave the Library.
• The library assumes no responsibility for users’ damages, loss of data, or loss of privacy resulting from the use of the Library’s computers and Internet connection.
• Library staff has the authority to ask users to leave any Internet site that is commonly regarded as inappropriate in a public setting. Unacceptable sites are those reasonably considered as obscene or profane, or as promoting violence or hatred. Users who fail to comply immediately with staff requests, or who must be asked repeatedly to leave inappropriate sites, will be denied use of the Library’s Internet connection thereafter.


o Attempt to modify passwords or gain access to disallowed files, passwords, or data belonging to the Library or to others.
o Alter, damage or remove any hardware component, including mouse or printers.
o Change any settings, configurations, or files or otherwise compromise normal use.
o Conduct activity which unduly degrades, burdens or over-taxes the Library’s Internet connection.
o Conduct unlawful activities using the Library’s computers or attempt unauthorized activities, including hacking into any computer system or network, whether local or remote.
o Attempt to use any applications other than those properly licensed to the Library.
o Make any unauthorized copies of copyrighted data or licensed software.
o Willfully propagate computer worms, viruses or any other type of harmful files.
o Misrepresent themselves by access code, password, signature or description.
o Transmit any communication in violation of a United States or Georgia law or regulation.
o Harass, slander or libel another person via the Internet.
o Incur costs linked to the Library’s address.
o Willfully view images or harmful non-visual materials which are considered harmful to minors as defined by Georgia Statute or United States Code.

February 2013.

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