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American Ancestry of Florence Randall Wiechman

Book of the Duffs, The (2 volumes in one book)

Clan MacDuff Descendants of Captain Daniel McDuff and William McDuff – Revolutionary Patriots

Descendants of Joseph Killgore 1690-1764 of Scotland & Treworgy Ancestors

Descendants of Samuel and Margaret Duff of Washington County Virginia

 “Duff” Families of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Ireland 1770-1993

Duff Memoirs (by William Baird)

Duff to McDuffee on One Leaf - The Family History of James H Duff – MacDuffee and Nancy Ann Whitson and Ancestors and Descendants

Family History, A (Wardrop)

Forefathers and Families of Certain Settlers in Western Pennsylvania

House of Marr 1014-1994

House of Wemyss – A Thousand Year History

Genealogy of Richard McDuff (B.1790-D.1875)

Genealogy of Richard McDuff (B.1790-D.1875)

Kingdom of Fife “Ancient Home of the MacDuff Earls/ Thanes of Fife from ca. 1005AD (map)

MacDuff Family History (presented by Helen Smith)

Oliver Duff, or McElduff (1740-1799) and His Wife, Sarah Agnew (1750-1831) of Westmoreland and Beaver Counties, Pennsylvania, and Their Descendants

Past Clan MacDuff Society Newsletters Volume 1, 1982-1986 & Volume 2 1987-1995

Peck-Fuller: Duff-Rae

Pre-Industrial Entrepreneurs: The Early Wemyss in the Seventeenth Century

Scotch-Irish Sources for Research

Story of MacDuff Castle –East Wemyss, Fife, The

The Duffs – To Be Continued (First Edition)

The Duffs – To Be Continued (2nd Edition)

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