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Materials on file in the Odom Library
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Every document in the Genealogy Department is reference only and may not leave the library unless the Clan has established other policies.

The following is an informal listing of topics of materials placed in our files in numbered folders. For further explanations or descriptions, please contact us at Your question will be delivered to the appropriate person.


Branches of Montgomerys and Longs (2 Vol.)


Clan Montgomery Society of North America Newsletter, Vol. 1-7 (1980-87), Vol. 8-11 (1988-92)


Descendants of James Montgomery of Brush Creek, Adams County, Ohio
CMSI Genealogy Database Files 8/25/03, The (CD)


Descendants of James Renwick Montgomery and Elizabeth Abell Montgomery 1829-1994


Francis Montgomery Sr., 1751-1828, Adair Co., Kentucky and Related Families from Adair Co., and Russell Co., Kentucky

  Genealogical History of the Family of Montgomery, Including The Montgomery Pedigree

 John and Esther Houston Montgomery 1719-1973


Montgomery and Cole Record


Montgomery Bibliography (compiled in the early 1980s) – folder

  Montgomery Family History, The (Montgomerys of Williamsburg Co., S.C.)

Montgomerys and their Descendants, The  (G.B. Montgomery)


Montgomerys of Georgia, The

  One of Canada’s United Empire Loyalist Families – Descendants of Alexander Montgomery, Sr. and Alexander Montgomery, Jr.
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