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The following is a list of organizations which have declared the Odom Library as the official repository for their records. Click each organization's name for a list of holdings and contact information, if available. Please note that the list may be incomplete. As materials are received, the lists will be updated. If there is an error in the list of holdings for your Clan, please assume it is the error of the Webmaster and not of the Genealogy Staff. For other Clans or Family organizations which do not have materials stored in our Library, please click here.

If the information for your organization is incomplete or if you have questions or comments, please contact us via phone (229) 985-6540 or e-mail

Any book in the Genealogy Department is reference only and may not leave the library unless the Clan has established other policies.

  American Clan Gregor Society
  Castellaw Family Association
  Cathey Reunion Association
  Clan Akins Society, Inc
  Clan Anderson Society, Ltd.
  Clan Archbald Family Association
  Clan Armstrong Society
  Clan Baird Society Worldwide
  Clan Barclay Society, USA
  Clan Bell International
  Clan Blackstock Society
  Clan Blair Society
  Clan Brodie Association, Inc.
  Clan Buchanan Society in America, Inc.
  Clan Campbell
  Clan Carmichael, USA
  Clan Chattan, USA
  Clan Cochrane in North America
  Clan ColQuhoun Society of North America
  Clan Cummings Society, USA
  Clan Cunning
  Clan Cunningham USA
  Clan Davidson Society
  Clan Donald, USA
  Clan Donnachaidh Society
  Clan Douglas Society of North America, Inc
  Clan Dunbar, Inc
  Clan Farquharson, USA
  Clan Fergusson Society of North America, Inc
  Clan Forrester Society, Inc.
  Clan Forsyth Society of the USA
  Clan Fraser Society of North America
  Clan Gayre in North America
  Clan Galbraith
  Clan Geddes Association
  The Gillean Association, USA
  The Gillespie Clan
  Clan Graham Society, Inc
  Clan Grant Society
  Clan Gunn Society of North America
  Clan Hamilton Society
  Clan Hay Society
  Clan Henderson Society, Inc.
  Clan Home/Hume Society
  Clan Hunter Association, USA
  Clan Johnston/e in America
  Clan Keith Society
  Clan Lamont Society
  Clan Lamont Society of North America
  Clan Lindsey Association USA, Inc
  Clan Little Society, LTD - Scotland
  Clan Little Society, North America, LTD
  Clan MacAlister of America
  Clan MacArthur
  Clan MacBean in North America, Inc.
  Clan MacCallum/Malcom Society
  Clan McCord
  Clan MacDougall Society of North America
  Clan MacDuff Society of America
  Clan MacEwen
  Clan MacFarlane Society, Inc
  Clan MacFie
  Clan MacInnes
  Clan MacIntyre Society, Inc.
  Clan MacIvor Society of North America
  Clan MacKay Society of the US, Inc
  Clan Mackenzie Society in the Americas
  Clan MacKinnon Society of North America
  Clan MacLachlan Association of North America
  Clan MacLaren Society of North America, Ltd.
  Clan MacLellan
  Clan MacLennan Association, USA
  Clan MacLeod Society of the USA, Inc
  Clan MacNabb Society of North America
  Clan MacNeil
  Clan MacNicol Society, Inc
  Clan Macpherson Association
  Clan MacRae of North America
  Clan MacTavish
  Clan Menzies of North America
  Clan Montgomery Society
  Clan Morrison Society of North America
  Clan  Munro Association, USA, Inc.
  Clan Napier in North America
  Clan Ogilvie Society
  Clan Pollock
  Clan Ramsey of North America
  Clan Rose Society
  Clan Ross Association of the USA
  Clan Scott Society
  Clan Shaw Society
  Clan Sinclair
  Clan Skene Association, Inc
  Clan Stewart Society in America, Inc.
  Clan Sutherland Society of North America
  Clan Turnball Association
  Clan Urquhart Association
  Clan Wallace Society, Worldwide
  Clan Young
  Cleghorn Descendants & Allied Families
  Cornish World
  Council of Scottish Clans & Associations
  Craig Family Association
  Dunlop/Dunlap Family Society, Inc
  Elliot Clan Society, USA
  Gillespie Clan
  Hogg Family Genealogy Society
  House of Boyd Society
  House of Gordon, USA
  Houston Family, The
  Innes Clan Society
  Kennedy Society of North America, The
  Kerr Family Association of North America
  MacDuffie/Macfie Clan Society of America, Inc
  McConnaughey Society of North America, Inc.
  MacThomas North America Association
  Mitchell Family
  Morgan Family Society, Int'l
  Muirhead Clan Society
  Mullaney Family
  Murray Clan Society, North American Branch
  Nesbitt-Nisbet Society
  Scottish District Families Association
  Scottish Heritage Association USA, Inc
  Scottish Highlands Society
  Scottish National Party
  Scottish Society of the Virginia Highlands
  Scottish-American Military Society
  Smyth/Smythe/Smith Family of New England
  Stovall Family Association
  United States McCraw Association
  Wylie Family Association
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