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Every document in the Genealogy Department is reference only and may not leave the library unless the Clan has established other policies. of topics of materials placed in our files in numbered folders. For further explanations or descriptions, please contact us at Your question will be delivered to the appropriate person. You can find the Armstrong Clan Society online at

  Armstrong Clan Membership  
  An Armstrong Ancestry  
  The Armstrong Borderland  
  Chronicles of the Armstrong's  
  Early Ontario Settlers - A Source Book  
  A Heraldic Alphabet  
  "I Remain Unvanquished"  
  The Scottish Borders and Northumberland  
  Magic and Witchcraft of the Borders  
  North & South of the Tweed  
  Ontario People: 1796-1803  
  The Saga of Siward, The Story  
  Scotland's Border Country  
  W. G. Armstrong  
The Armstrong Lords of Mangerton (10 Lords) 1320-1600
Armstrong  of the Gallen Priory Irish Lineage
Robert and Anne Calhoun Armstrong Lineage to Ireland about 1700
Bill Armstrong Lineage to Col. John Armstrong born about 1735 in VA/PA
William and Eleanor Armstrong Kilbourne Lineage to William and Sarah about 1750 Machen Parish Wales
Armstrong Pedigree
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