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Scottish Military Disasters

By Paul Cowan

"Scotland's reputation as a nation proud of its military history betrays the fact that the past is littered with catastrophes and failures. From the time of the Roman invasions until the Korean War, Scotland's military history is testament to the fact that victories are always talked up and recorded, but disasters are quietly forgotten. In all some 32 episodes of Scottish battlefield ineptitude are investigated by journalist Paul Cowan. "

For a synopsis of the book from the author's website click here

Thanks to Interlink Publishing Group for bringing this book to our attention.



Donated by Jack Hadley at the "Authors Tea" May 6, 2008 part of the "100 Year" Celebration of the Moultrie-Colquitt County Library

Co-authors James “Jack” Hadley and Dr. Titus Brown, Professor of African American History at Florida A & M


Gladys Dailey Nevels Gladys Dailey Nevels recently donated a copy of her recently published book, Letters from the War 1862 - 1863: Richard Francis Purvis Writes Home. Mrs. Nevels edited and narrated the book.

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