Colquitt County

Veterans of World War I Who Died in Service


  Bragg, George D  
  Branan, Maury E  
  Castleberry, Issac R  

Chambliss, Charley

Crosby, James E
Crosby, Henry M
Davis, Benjamin F
Giles, Arthur
Gregory, Claudius M
Greer, William H
Hudson, Thomas W
Hutchinson, O Bee
Jenkins, Cyrus C
Jones, Charlie
Jones, Dan L
Keigans, John S
Keigans, M. William
Martin, Earnest C
Minshew, David
Monk, Rufus A
Monroe, Vernon
Perry, James R
Ricks, William L
Rowe, Judson T
Sharp, John R. Jr
Sikes, William H
Smithwick, Floyd L
Sterling, Charles B
  Teabeaut, Thomas S  
  Teague, John P  
  Thomas, John B  
  Watkins, Louis F  

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