Borrowing Information

Library Cards
Who is eligible for a PINES card?
You are eligible for a free PINES library card if you are a resident of Georgia, or if you work or go to school in Georgia.  Out of state cards may be obtained for $25.00 and Part-time GA resident cards are available for $12.50.  Ask library staff for details.
How old do you have to be to get a PINES card?
There is no age minimum, but the card application must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for children age 17 and under.
How do I apply for a PINES card?
You can visit any MCCLS branch to fill out an application and receive a library card.  You can also apply for an digital-only card by clicking here.  This digital-only card will give you immediate access to digital resources such as Libby and eRead Kids.  You can convert a digital-only card to a full service card at any time by visiting a MCCLS branch and showing your drivers license or other acceptable proof of address.  
How many physical items may I check out?
You can check out up to 50 items per PINES card.  Up to 15 of these items can be DVDs.
Where can I use my PINES library card?
You may use your PINES card at any of the 300 libraries across the state.  PINES creates a "borderless library" that allows you to borrow items, place items on hold, and return items at any PINES library.
What is my PIN?
You will need your PIN to log in to your PINES account.  Your PIN is usually the last four digits of the daytime telephone number associated with the account.  If you need assistance resetting your PIN, please call 229-985-6540 for assistance.
What if I lose my card?
You can access your card barcode on the PINES app.  If you have permanently lost your physical card and would like a replacement, please ask for assistance at the front desk.
Finding and Requesting Items
How do I search for an item?
You can search for items yourself using the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) stations at the library.  You can also use the free PINES app to complete your search anytime, anywhere.
What if I can't find the item I'm looking for?
The best thing about PINES is the ability to request items from libraries all over the state.   It's quick and easy to do from the free PINES app.
  • From the free PINES app, tap "Search" and enter the title or search terms
  • Tap "Search within" and select "PINES" at the top of the menu.  This broadens your search to all PINES libraries.   
  • Look at the list of results to see if the item appears. 
  • If so, select it from the list, then tap "Place Hold."  Note that you can edit which library you pick the item up from and/or the method of notification (email/phone/text).
How do I make a request for MCCLS to purchase a book, audiobook, or DVD?
To request that the library purchase an item, simply fill out the form below.

Go to Request Form
Returning and Renewing Items
How long can I keep the items I checked out?  How many times may I renew my items?
ITEM Length of Check-out # of Renewals
Books (regular, large print, audiobooks) 14 days 2
DVDs 14 days 2
Zoo Atlanta Pass 7 days 0
Other Park and Museum passes 7 days 1
Chromebooks 14 days 0
How do I renew my items?
You can renew items yourself from the PINES app or by logging into your PINES account from a computer.  Please note that items will not renew if there is a hold on the item, you are out of renewals on the item, or your account has over $10.00 in fines.  Please call 229-985-6540 for assistance.
Where can I return my items?
Except for Chromebooks and ukuleles (which must be returned to the library they were borrowed from), borrowed materials may be returned to any PINES library.  The Moultrie and Doerun libraries have book drops for the after-hours return of books, DVDs, and audiobooks.  Chromebooks and ukuleles should never be placed in the book drop.
Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Items
Am I responsible for late fees?
Books (regular, large print, audiobooks) $0.20
DVDs $0.20
Zoo Atlanta Pass $0.50
Other Park and Museum Passes $3.00
eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines None
Chromebooks $3.00
How do I replace a lost or damaged item?
If the item belongs to MCCLS, you have two options. 
  • Purchase a new or gently used replacement of the item yourself from Amazon or other retailer.  Please note that the format and edition must be the same as the lost item (replace a hardcover book with another hardcover copy), or
  • Pay the replacement cost to the library.
Other libraries may have different policies, so be sure to check before purchasing a replacement copy.
What if I returned an item, but it's still showing as checked out on my account?
Please call 229-985-6540 or visit the circulation desk for assistance.