Catherine M. Bryant Veterans History Project


Catherine M. Bryant Veterans History Project

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In 1992, a member of the Moultrie High School Class of 1939 was working on a veterans display at the Moultrie First Presbyterian Church. She thought “How great to have a reunion honoring veterans of the classes of 1937 – 1940.” The four classes approved the idea. All veterans were asked to send copies of their wartime pictures. Many were received. A very successful patriotic reunion was held in June 1994 to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the Allied Forces Landing in Europe June 6, 1994, D-Day.

After the reunion, the steering committee approached the Director of the Odom Genealogy Library, Melody Jenkins, about creating a Veterans Memorial to include all veterans who have served honorably from the Civil War to the present day. The project was approved. All veterans’ pictures from the reunion were given to the Library for permanent record. The Moultrie High School Class of 1939 donated $700 to start the project.

At this time, the Genealogy Library is conducting a Veterans Survey in an effort to locate all military personnel – past and present. To be included an information sheet is required. All records and/or pictures must be identified. Forms may be completed and submitted online by clicking the link above. You can also print a copy or ask for a copy in person at the Odom Genealogy Library. The Veterans Memorial Project is an important part of our heritage.

This project is ongoing and donations and/or memorial gifts are welcome. We are working toward creating a list of the names of the Veterans for whom we have information with the possibility of publishing that list on this site. The link below provides the names of Veterans who have died in previous Wars or Conflicts. The names listed have been verified by the next of kin when available, Mr. E. R. Acuff, Colquitt County Commissioner’s Office, Mrs. Nell B Garrett, Georgia State Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

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