1000 Books Before Kindergarten
1000 Books Before Kindergarten (3) - Copy
Reading aloud to your little one every day not only nurtures your bond; it also increases the likelihood of their future academic success.  Exceed this goal in one year by reading just three books a day.  You can on paper by picking up a log at the library, or track electronically on Beanstack.
Baby Bees
Did you know that 80% of a child's brain development occurs before the age of 3?  Baby Bees is a 20-minute program for kids ages 0-3 years and their parents/caregivers.  It features books, rhymes, songs, scarves, puppets, instruments, and more.  Optional playtime follows.  
Homeschool Libratory
homeschool libratory (1)
The library can be an invaluable resource for homeschooling families, and it can also be a fun place to explore and hang out with friends!  Homeschool Libratory is a monthly program featuring fun and learning around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  We will also offer activities for teens and littles, so bring the whole family!
Preschool STARS (Sing, Talk, and Read for Success)
Ninety percent of a child's brain development occurs by the age of 5.  Preschool STARS is an enriching storytime experience for kids ages 3-5 and their parents/caregivers.  Each session includes a letter of the day; books and songs related to the theme; and a craft or activity.  Followed by optional playtime.
Reading Dragons & Friends
Reading Dragons and Friends is a reading incentive program to encourage kids
to read throughout the school year.  For every 300 minutes they spend reading, kids can choose one magical creature collector card.  Registration begins September 2, 2023.  At registration, each participant will receive their first tracker, a deck box, and three starter cards.  Tracking can be done with a paper tracker, as pictured above, or digitally on the Beanstack app or website.  Visit to register.

Rules for Basic Dragon Duel (can be played with starter cards)

To play, you and a friend each choose one card secretly, keeping it hidden so your friend can't see what you chose. Then count to 3 and both of you flip over your cards to see who wins.

Red beats Green
Green beats Blue
Blue beats Red

If you have the same color you tie.

Rules for Advanced Dragon Duel (play this when you have collected some additional cards)

  • Mix up both players' cards and divide them evenly between both players.
  • Place your stack of cards face down on the table. Do not look at your cards.
  • Both players draw the top card on their deck and flip it over at the same time.
    • Red beats Green
      Green beats Blue
      Blue beats Red
  • If you have the same color, the oldest creature wins (ex. Teen beats Baby, Adult beats Teen).
  • If your creatures are the same age then you duel.
  • To duel, add two face down cards to the pile, then play one more card face up.
    • Red beats Green
      Green beats Blue
      Blue beats Red
  • If you have the same color, the oldest creature wins.
  • If you tie again, duel until there is a winner.
  • The winner adds both cards to their win pile.
  • Play until you run out of cards.
  • The player with the most cards in their win pile wins.


Summer Reading Program

Ages 0-13
Our annual summer reading program for kids consists of two parts: 1) tracking time spent reading to earn incentives and 2) our summer events.  While you can certainly attend our events without tracking reading, we encourage both.  Studies have shown that reading during the summer protects kids from summer learning loss.  This means that they are more likely to start school in the fall ready to learn new material.  

How to Earn Reading Incentives
1.  Register and track online at or  pick up a paper tracker at an MCCLS library.
2.  Read what you like (being read to, listening to audiobooks, reading graphic novels--everything counts!)
3.  Visit an MCCLS library to get your incentive for each level you complete.
4.  Read 1500 minutes to collect all 5!
5.  You can earn reading incentives from May 13 through July 31.

Click here to view the summer event calendar.
AR Bookfind
Need to find Accelerated Reader books on your child's level?  Find the level of a specific book with a title search, or browse by entering your child's interest level and AR range.  We recommend placing the books you find on hold using the PINES app so that you can pick a group of them at a time.

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Basics Insights Text Messages

Basics Insights is a free text messaging program for parents and caregivers of young children that sends science-based tips to boost your child’s development.

Science shows that 80% of brain growth happens by the age of three and 90% by the age of five. Your child’s brain grows like a muscle, getting stronger as they connect with you and explore the world. The Basics Principles are five fun, simple and powerful ways to connect with your child and help them reach their full potential.

The text messages offer ideas for using these five Basics Principles in everyday moments.

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Dolly Parton Imagination Library

How It Works

Each month, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library mails a high quality, age appropriate book to all registered children, addressed to them, at no cost to the child’s family. Countless parents have shared how excited their child is when their new book arrives each month. Many groups and individuals work hard behind the scenes to make that special moment possible for each child.

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Lexile Find a Book
Need to find a book on your child's Lexile level?  This site allows you to find the Lexile level of a particular book, or brows for titles by Lexile range.  We recommend placing the titles you find on hold using the PINES app so that you can pick up a group of them at a time.

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NoveList K-8 Plus
NoveList helps you find your child's next favorite book by suggesting read-alikes for favorite titles and authors, and making recommendations based on genre.  You can also search by Lexile range or Accelerated Reader level.

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AWE Early Learning Stations
Child-friendly computer stations pre-loaded with educational games and activities on a range of subjects, including math, science, reading, and art.
Book Bundle Request
Did you know that you can request that we put together a specialized book bundle for your child?  Fill out the form below to let us know about their interests and reading level, and we'll pick 5-10 books that we think they will love!

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Launchpad Learning Tablets
Available for checkout, these tablets are preloaded with apps, videos, and games for kids, no Wi-Fi needed.

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