Clan Campbell

Materials on file in the Odom Library
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  Campbell Contacts (genealogical surname magazine)  G.B. Campbell
  Charn Cuimhne To Our Scots of North America
   Clan Campbell Genealogies (17 Rolls of Microfilm)

Correspondence and Documents Pertaining to the Bethune, Keahey, McLeod, McFarland, Patterson and Other Related Scottish Highlander Families of North Carolina

  Family Buie Scotland to North America, The

Genealogy of the Highland Scot – Clark Family  G.B. Clark

  Highland Call, The 
  Highlander, The
  Joseph Rogers Papers, The 
  Jura’s Heritage A Brief History of the Island
  Long Road a Driver’s Guide to Jura, The

Miscellany XI 

  Province of North Carolina, The
  Story of Barbecue Bluff and Longstreet Presbyterian Churches, The  - Colorful Heritage Documented