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Every document in the Genealogy Department is reference only and may not leave the library unless the Clan has established other policies.

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Craigellachie – Clan Grant Newsletters 2 Volumes

            April 1978- Spring 1985
            Winter 1985 – Summer 1994


A´Bhratach Dhealrach

A Leth Eile

Appin Murder, The (Matheson)

An Aghaidh Choimheach

An Dubh Is An Gorm

An t-Aonaran

An T-Ogha Mor

Barrachd Gaidhlig

Bardachd Ghaudhlig – Gaelic Poetry 1550-1900

Briseadh Na Cloiche

Cailin Sgiathanach

Can Seo – Gaelic for Beginners

Call Na h-ioplaire

Celtic Miscellany, A (Jackson)

Creach Mhor Nam Fiadh

Dorcha Tro Ghlainne

Encyclopaedia of Gaelic Wisdom (Matthews)

English – Gaelic Dictionary (McKenzie)

Fo Sgail Á Swastika 1940-1945

Gaelic – A Complete Course for Beginners

Gaelic Dictionary (MacLennan)

General Principals of Scots Law (Marshall)

Grant Research Records – 6 Volumes by Region

Introduction to Gaelic Poetry (Thomson)

Island Voices (MacDonald)

Leigheas Cas O Céin

Mar Squel A Dh´ Inneseas Neach

Memoirs of John Grant 1840-1928

Misty Isle of Skye, The (Macculloch)

Mún Cuairt na Cagailte

Portrait of Skye and the Outer Hebrides (Simpson)

Scotland: A New History (Lynch)

Acotland & Nationalism (Harvie)

Scots Dialect Dictionary, The (Warrack)

Scottish Gaelic – Scottish Gaelic/English Scottish Gaelic (Renton)

Skye-The Islands and its Legends (Swire)

Sraidean is Slebhtean

Tales with Dawn (MacNeil)