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Materials on file in the Odom Library
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  A Particular of the Howses and Famylyes in London Derry May 15, 1628
  An Advanced History of Great Britain from the Earliest Times to 1918 (T. F. Tout)
  Bridging the Dee at Kirkcudbright (T. R. Collin)
  Calkins Memorial Military Roster, The (William Calkins)
  Chronicles of Scotland, The  (Robert Lindsay) (2 Vol.)
  Chronicles of Strathearn
  Chronicles of Strathearn (MacDougall)
  Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan, Th
  Clan Lands of Scotland (Roderick Martine)
  Clan MacLellan (John C. and Raymond S. McClelland)
  Clan MacLellan Genealogies (on shelf)
  Clans and Tartans of Scotland, The (Robert Bain) (2 copies)
  Colchester Historical Society – Proceedings, Reports and Program Summaries 1954 – 1957
  Culloden (John Prebble)
  Descendants of Michael & Jane (Henry) McClellan of Colrain, Massachusetts (2 copies)
  Descendants of Michael McClellan and Jane Henry of Colrain, Mass. (3 copies)
  Descendants of William Brownlow McClellan
  Dictionary of the Scottish Language abridged (John Jamieson)
  Directory of Scots in the Carolinas 1680 – 1830
  Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America (1625 – 1825) Vol. I (2 copies), II, III
  Early Settlers of Colrain, Mass.,The (Charles McClellan)
  Elizabeth Captive Princess (Margaret Irwin)
  Faces and Places (Terry Tremayne)
  Family of William James McLellan (Crawford McLellan)
  Finding Your Roots (Westin, Jeane Eddy)
  Genealogy of the Hunt Family, Being a Complete Record of the Family of Capt. Ziba Hunt, and of the Descendants of His Sons, Walter and George
  Gettys Family in America
  Ghosts of London (Morton)
  Great Historic Families of Scotland – The MacLellans of Kirkcudbright
  H. V. Morton’s London
  Henry Genealogy (William Henry Eldridge)
  Heraldry, Ancestry and Titles (L. G. Pine)
  Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway (Agnew, Sir Andrew) (2 Vol.)
  Highland Clearances, The (John Prebble)
  Highland Scots of North America, The (Meyer, Duane)
  Highways: & Byways: in Galloway: &: Carrick with: Illustrations: by Hugh Thomson
  Historic Scotland 5000 Years of Scotland’s Heritage
  History of Bass River 1765 – 1978
  History of Colrain Massachusetts with Genealogies of Early Families (Lois Patrie)
  History of Deerfield Massachusetts (George Sheldon) (2 Vol.)
  History of Dunedin (W. Lovett Douglas)
  History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches (2 Vol.)
  History of the Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway (Sir Andrew Agnew) (3 Vol.)
  History of the Highlands and of the Highland Clans (James Browne) (Vol. I, II, III, IV)
  History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway with Historical Sketches of the District (2 Vol.)
  History of the MacLennans
  History of the Scottish People 1560-1830 (T. C. Smout)
  Hixson Trails (Margaret Free)
  In Search of England (Morton)
  In Search of Ireland (Morton)
  In Search of Wales (Morton)
  Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research (Margaret D. Falley) (2 Vol.)
  James McClellan – His Progenitors, Descendants and Allied Lines
  Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain (Eric Delderfield)
  Lion in the North, The (Prebble)
  Londonderry Heirs, The (J. M. Murphy)
  Many More Leaves From the Family Tree (Joan Smith)
  McLellan Family Heritage Book
  McClellans in Galloway, The Vol. 2
  McClellans of St. James Santee Parish, McClellanville, South Carolina, The
  McClellan’s Own Story – The War for the Union (George B. McClellan)
  Meet the Macs
  Modern Scotland (Cicely Hamilton)
  My Heart’s in the Highland (Robert Burns)
  Pride of Scotland, The
  Recipes for Daily Living (Marvin McLellan)
  Record of the House of Kirkcudbright (John MacClellan) (3 copies)
  Scotland – Illustrated Guide to Ancient Monuments
  Scots Kith & Ken
  Scotswoman, The (Inglis Fletcher)
  Scottish Ballards (Lyle)
  Scottish Chiefs, The (Jane Porter)
  Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia (John MacTaggart)
  Scottish Queen, The (Herbert Gorman)
  Scottish Tartans, The (Sir Thomas Innes of Learney)
  Scotus Americanus (William R. Brock)
  Steel Bonnets, The (Fraser)
  Stones of Scotland, The (George Scott-Moncrieff)
  Story of Galloway (John F. Robertson)
  Story of Galloway, The (John Robertson)
  Story of Scotland, The (Janet Glover)
  Tales of Galloway (Alan Temperley)
  The Furrow Behind Me – The Autobiography of a Hebridean Crofter
  The Glen “An Gleann’s an Robb Mi Og” (Malcolm MacLellan)
  They Came From Ulster (Gene McClellan)
  Ulster Emigration to Colonial America 1718 – 1775 (Dickson, R. J.)
  There are various other records including church and cemetery records, photocopies of publications and binders with family histories available.