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Ancestors of Ferrin Daniel Harrison

Ancient Monuments of Orkney, The

Beyond the Highland Mist

Bibliography of the Gordons, A

Black and White Magic

Book of Ulster Surnames, The

Bruce Trilogy, The

Bydand – The Book of the Gordons

Carnegie – Trusts and Institutions, The

Celebrating Scots in Literature

Charles, Prince of Wales

Clan McKinnon – Your Heritage

Cock of the North, The

Concise History of the Ancient and Illustrious House of Gordon, The

Crimson Chalice, The

Drums of Autumn

Feuds of the Clans

Fiddle Music of Scotland, The

Frank Dennis Brandon – House of Gordon (Brandon)

General David Morgan (An address delivered before the Seventh Annual Congress of the Scotch-Irish Society of America)

Great Historic Families of Scotland, The

Great Historic Families of Scotland, The

Gordon Gamily Heritage Book

Golden Family of Lawrence Elliot Gordon and Mary Pearl Cable Gordon

Gordon Family, The (Lyndon C Gordon, Sr.) Vol. 1

Gordon Highlanders, The

Gordon Kinship

Gordons Under Arms

Guide to Ellon & District

History of the Gordons (17 Volumes & Index)

History of Scotland: It’s Highlands, Regiments, and Clans (James Brown) Vol. 1-4 & 7

House of Gordon Genealogies

House of Gordon Newsletter (90 – 94, 96)

House of Gordon, The (John Bullock)

House of Gordon Reference Handbook

Huntley Castle

Jarlshof, A Walk Through the Past

John Muir


Knee Deep in Claret

Killer Angels

Legend MacKinnon, The

Lion in the North, The

Lord and Master

Lord of the Isles

MacGregor Trilogy, The

Mail Royal

MacGregor Trilogy, The

Mail Royal

Mary Stewart’s People

Memories of Clan Fingon

Milestones (Marquis of Huntley)

Old Churches and Families of Virginia Vol. I & II (Meade)

Orkney’s Italian Chapel

Our Gordon Family (Spencer Gordon)

Our Gordon Family: A Genealogical and Biographical Record)

Past Master

Pictorial History of Scotland (James Taylor) 2 Volumes

Pilgrims Way to Iona, The

Queen’s Grace, The

Records of Aboyne, The (edited by Charles, XI Marquis of Huntly)

Rage of Regents, The

Rough Wooing

Secret Britain

Scott in Ulster, The

Scottish & Border, Battles & Ballads

Scottish Journey

Scottish Violinist, The

Siege of Edinburgh Castle, March – June 1689, The

Septs of the House of Gordon

Soldiers of Scotland

Spirit of Scotland, The

Stories of Old Families (W. Chambers)

Story of the Scottish Regiments. The

Story of Scotland, The

Sun Dances, The

Tiger & Sphinx, The

Valley Ulsterman: A Chapter of Virginia History

Whiskey Galore

William Wallace: A Scots Life

Winchester Castle and the Great Hall

Young Montrose, The


** Additional materials are available. Single items stored in filing cabinets are not listed above.