House of Boyd Society

Materials on file in the Odom Library
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  Annals of the House and the Family of Boyd, Earls of Kismarnock and Lands of Penkill castle and Trochraques AD1153-AS1963  
  A Fragment of An Irish MS History of the MCDonalds of Antrium  
  DAR Boyds from earliest DAR Members  
  Boyd Genealogy 1771-1980  
  Clan Boyd (of Scotland) compiled by M. J. Boyd  
  The Boyds of Albany - Three Generations  
  Boyd Family: Descendants of William Boyd and Margaret Mason  
  Descendants of Captain John Boyd, James Thomas Boyd, John Morgan Boyd  
  The House of Boyd - Compiled by Linda Boyd Lawhon)  
  Pedigree of the House of Boyd 1904 (G.B. Boyd)  
  Baptismal Records of Jerusalem Lutheran and Reformed Church Berks County, Pennsylvania (No. 23, Special Publications of NGS)  
  Born to Rebel: The life pf Harriet Boyd Hawes  
  A Genealogical Account of the Principal families in Ayrshire, More Particularly in Cunninghame (Boyd, Earl of Kilmarnock)  
  Descendants of George Boyd (Folder)  
  Genealogical Periodical Annual Index Vol. 26, 1987  
Also on file in the Clan file folders are:
1. Descendants of George Boyd (1691)
2. Kilmarnock, Vol. 9 No. 29 (The Boyd Tartan Sett, Las Castle)