The Houston Family

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Ancestors and Descendants of Leonard Houston, Sr. ca 1633-1990


Bibliography of William James Houston


Bold Legacy: The Story of the Houston-Huston Ancestors (1150-1800)


Burgh of Johnstone: The Official Handbook (W. J. Houston)


Burgh of Johnstone: Souvenir Brochure Festival of Britain 1951


Burgh of Paisley Official Industrial Handbook (W. J. Houston)


Complete Registry of the Houstons in America, The


Dellow Genealogies (G.B. Dellow)


History of the Huston Families and Their Descendants 1450-1912 with a Genealogical Record (W. J. Houston)


Houston – Baptism, Birth Death, and Marriage Records- Scotland Family Trees


Houston Family: A Historical Record of the Illinois Family of John Houston


Houston Family Research (W. J. Houston)


Houston Information of Paisley, Scotland


Houstons of Georgia, The


Houstons of Peguean, The


In Time: The Houstoun’s History (W. James Houston)


Marks on the Forest Floor: A Story of Houston, British Columbia (W. J. Houston)


North Antrim Families (W. James Houston)


Parish Registers of the Boulton, Greenway, Kibblewhite, Hollister, & Reynolds Families


Parish Registers of the Houston Family


Rev. Samuel Houston, V.D. M., The  (W. J. Houston





Chart of Paisley Abby (Cardle of the Stewart Kings)

Pedigree Chart of Houstoun No. 1:
Chief of the Name and Arms, From the 12th Century Renfrewshire, Scotland (Spans 950 Years and 32 Generations with 34 Chiefs)

 Pedigree Chart of Houstoun No. 2(Spans 500 years and 15 generations): The Houstouns of :
Cutreoch, Wigtounshire
Calderhaugh Midlothian
Clerkington, East Lothian
Blackadder, Berwick
Jordanhill. Is
Isle of Whithorn

Houstoun Chart: The Kings of Scotland, The Earls of Lennox, The Great Stewards of Scotland under whom the Houstouns served for 600 years

Houstoun Chart 1A: Houstoun of Johnstone

Houstoun Chart 2A: Continuation of Houstoun Pedigree

Houstoun Chart 1B: (Hostoun of USA)



Perthshire and Adjoining Counties

The Lothians and SE Lowlands

South Argyll & Adjoining Counties

Southwest Scotland