Kerr Family of North America
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Agriculture in North Carolina before the Civil War

Architecture of Rowan County, The

Carolinas Genealogical Society – Twenty-five Year Consolidated Index 1964-1989

Carr Family of Rhode Island, The

Davie County: A Brief History

Edgecombe County: A Brief History

Elizabethtown – Bicentennial 1773-1973

Elizabethtown Bicentennial Corporation Presents “Time and the River”

Flora McDonald (1916 Scottish Society of America)

Inventory of Historic Architecture Monroe, NC

Ker Family History

Kerr (Joseph Kerr of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania)

Kerr Genealogy – A Genealogical Record of Andrew Benson Kerr late of Gallia County, Ohio

Gabriel and George Kerr Families and Descendants

Genealogical Deed Abstracts Mecklenburg County, NC Books 10-14

Green Leaf and Gold: Tobacco in North Carolina

Guide to Government Records at the Maryland State Archives

Guide to Research Materials in the NC Archives

Higher Education in North Carolina

History of Hopewell Presbyterian Church

History of Wilmington Presbytery and Its Predecessors

Memories of John Ker of Kerland in North Britain Esq.

North Carolina and the War of 1812

North Carolina’s Continental Line in the American Revolution

North Carolina in the Mexican War 1846-1848

North Carolina Signers

North Carolina’s Revolutionary War Navy

North Carolina’s Role in the Spanish-American War

Not a Conquered People: Two Carolinians View Parliamentary Taxation

Old Plantation Tale

Proprietors of Carolinas

Selective Music Biography from the Period 1663-1763, A

Union County, NC First Tax List

War of Regulation and the Battle of Alamance, May 16, 1771