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1 Source List for McComb - 6 pages, submitted by J Jay McComb, Jr., dated 22 May 2001
2 Source List - general use - 2 pages, submitted by R Thompson, dated 26 December 2002
3 Piping Music, March of the MasThomases, 6/8 march from the MacThomas Society
4 Piping Music, Clach a' Choilich-PioBroch, Lady Finegand slow air and a poem, The Shepard of Glenshee, 3 pages. from MacThomas journal, no date
5 McComb Family Record,  compiled by Henry Alexander McComb, 1917 from various family records, 7 pages
6 Genealogical Record of the McComb Family in America, compiled by Peter Hathaway Kemper McComb (PHK) 1913. This record is part of further compiling from 1912 - 1942 by Virginia M. McComb, 11 pages.
7 McComb Family Record,  compiled by PHK McComb, 1917, part of larger compilation see items 5 & 6, 2 pages
Connections,  from the Family History Library, SLC, Utah. Compiled by Edward Milton MacComber. Describes research to prove/disprove MacComber rights to Clan membership. 3 pages. No date.
9 The McComb Family, Type written pages compiled by Sarah Amanda McComb (Aunt Manda b. 1858 d. 1942) 10 pages
10 History of the Name McComb, Type written, journal pages, No author - though to be part of item 9, 3 pages
11 Ancestry of Susan McComb, Including John Hubbard and John S. Gustin  (her husband) compiled by Susan A. Dewick in 1900. 10 pages out of numerical sequence.
12 Thompson Family Genealogy Compiled by Dr. Robert Thomson, 2002, 3 pages.
13 Color Plate, History of Surname: MacThomas. Describes MacThomas Tartan and Clan cap badge. No author, 1992.
14 The MacThomas Tartan. Researched and compiled by Roger F Pye. Taken from first records of the Society, c. 1950s. Reproduction of 1st tartan is in black and white, poor quality, 5 pages with footnotes. 
16 MacIntosh Families in Glenshee and Glenisla. By A M MacIntosh. Compiled by George Bain, 1916,  3 half-pages
17 McComie Mor-New Light on an Old Fallacy. Author unknown. Taken from the Society magazine, volume 1 and reprinted on McOmie website. 3 pages.
18 Tracing Andrew MacThomas Ancestry. Compiled by Andrew 09/2000, supporting Society claim to Chiefship of the Clan MacThomas, 1 page.
19 Descendants of David Comee (Combie?) (Comy?) Beginning in 1635, in Scotland. Researched and Compiled by Ms. Jeanne C. Evans of MA, a descendant. 39 pages.
20 Medals and Awards of Williams McCombie of Tillyfour. Brochure compiled by Family10/74 and submitted by Stella and John McCombie of IL., 4 pages
21 England-Scotland Aug 5-21, 1985. Driving tour and locating the"marriage stones" (Crandart Stones) mounted on home of Ian McCombie in 1660, locating the stone kiln of McCombie Mohr. Compiled by Stella and John McCombie in 1985. 23 pages.
22 Ancestry of Mr. John Thomson. Compiled by Dr. Brian Thomson, Scots Roots (Ancestor Research), 28 Feb 2002.
23 Feuds Between the Farquaharsons and McComies of Glenisla. Research by Mr. Andrew Jervise in 1885. Discusses feuds in the late 1600s. and home of McCombie Mohr and "The Cranhart Stones." 4 pages
24 The Thomson Plaid. History of (a) Thomson Family from the 17th to the 20th Century.  Ancestral lineage, copy of the will, section dealing with Samson, NC, compiled, edited, and copyrighted by Dr. Stan Cosby of OK (a descendant), 1988. 27 pages
25 MacComb Introduction, Military Uniforms and other Illustrations for the M'Colme, Macomb, McComb and McCombs. An early history of the greater McCombs in Scotland, John McComb, Archtect in NY, Gen. Alexander McComb in War of 1012. Dr. John M'Colme in French & Indian Wars, and others. Compiled by Mr. Jeff McComb of CA, 2001, 31 pages.
26  Descendants of Samuel McCombe. Lineage starting c. 1860 and ending 1991. Researched and compiled by Mr. Ronald McComb of AZ (a descendant). 24 Nov. 2002, 35 pages and a photograph of Ronald & Margaret McComb.
27 McCombie Ancestry.  Beginning with b. of John (Ian) McCombie, Chief of Clan MacThomas in 1607. Ending with b of Helena M Ferguson
(McCombie) in 1947. "Unfortunately this lineage record was interrupted in transmission and is incomplete. Helena has promised to send a new file." Compiled by Helen M F Hurhangee of England 3/31/00, 35 pages.
28 Journey to the Promised Land. Narrative of John McComie, his wife, Isabella, and their three daughters, leaving their ancestral home, and traveling by sailing vessel to NY. Also the family's odyssey across the American Plains to Utah in 1860. Also included is a photograph of the steamship "Wyoming." From the files of the McOmie history. Compiled in 2000. 4 pages. An addendum attachment of 3 pages.
29 Descendants of Peter McOmie or McOmish. Beginning with the above birth in1765 and ending with most recent lineage addition in 1975. Excerpts from many sources. The 1973 Wyoming Project, The Library of Congress, and personal diaries. Completed by David McOmie of WA, a descendant. 2002, 51 pages.
30 Descendants of James Renny Thom. Starting with generations in c. 1800 and ending with generation # 6 in 1987. Includes research on James Thom as a Constable with the NW Mtd. Police in 1874. Prepared by Mrs. Gerry McKinnell (Thom) of Parksville, BC Canada, 1/10/03, 4 pages.
31 Earliest Records of McThomas, McTavish in Invernesshire. Copy of official record from christening, marriage, and birth records. Starting 1695 until 1845, also includes Parish. Acquired by Robt. W MacThomas 200, 1 page.
32 Sketch, in India Ink, Depicting Place of Death of E. Thomson (MacThomas). Sketched by Signal Sgt. GW Anderson. Depicted are the location of killed and wounded members of 72nd Highlanders (later Seaforth) after 1st battle of Asmai Heights near Kabul, Afghanistan. 1879. Sketch acquired by Robt. W MacThomas from Ft George Military Museum, Inverness, Scotland. 2000. 1 page
33 MacThomas, Missing Generations While in Ireland.  Including notes by Virginia McComb and College research paper (and footnotes) titled: The English Civil Wars: How the First MacThomas Clansmen Came to America. By Mr. Robert E. Thomas of NC, Aug. 08, 2002. Submitted by John J McComb of CA, 2003. 17 pages
34 Genealogy of Thom Family of Nevada. Starting  with James McIntosh (m. 20 July 1820) to date with Heather Thom Palmer, submitted by same, 02/03, Las Vegas, 1 page.
35 Ancestors of Gerald Macom.  With  an additional paper on  The Descendants of Robert George Macom,  a third page listing of sources for both. Compiled and submitted by Mrs. Erma Macom of KY. 2003. 3 pages.
36  Migration of Scots-Irish to S. Western North Carolina.  Written by Math A C Newsome, Curator of the Scottish Tartan Museum, 2001. 8 pages.
37  Letter from P H McComb.  Letter was in possession of Mr. Bill McCombs (Statesville, NC). Dated 11/20/12. Foreword and post script by Member Robert E Thomas of NS. April, 2002. 2 pages.
38 A McComb Packet. Articles concerning various aspects of the McComb ancestors:
A Ester (McComb) Mountain, 1927, Peaks & People of the Adirondacks.
B James Jennings McComb. Builder of Esterwood Mansion, Dobbs Ferry, NY, 1894, 4 pages
C Histories of the McCombs in America: Descendants of the B_lk (Thomas) McComb, ca. 1750.
D Missing generations while in Ireland (Notes by Virginia McComb, McComb book)
E McComb, The Stream of Settlers from Washington Co. PA to Ohio. ca early 1800s. 3 pages.
39 A McIntosh Packet. Short Articles
A Lachlan McIntosh and Descendants beginning 1826 thru 1845, in Virginia.
B George McIntosh, Son of John McIntosh and Catherine MacKay, and descendants 1790-1845.
C McIntosh Genealogy Book (sale of) written by Maggie Peters, Corunna Ontario. Index of publication. 2003
40 The Black Chanter of Clan Chattan. Written by A. MacPherson of Kingussie, Scotland. 1894. 3 pages