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Materials on file in the Odom Library
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Alexander The Great and His Time

American Indian in Urban Society, The

American Political Tradition, The

Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Harris, Sr.

Baedeker’s Palestine and Syria

Bertha Rompre Memorial – Wife of David Joseph Prevost – The Descendants of Gilles Levesque of France

The Book of Irish Families Great & Small

Catawba – The Story of a College

Cherokee Tragedy: The Story of the Ridge Family and the Decimation of a People

Civil War, The (Ward)

Common Sense of the Constitution of the United States, The

David Joseph Prevost Memorial – The Descendants of Melasipe Provost of France, The

Death In America

Down From The Mountain – The Oral History of the Hemings Family (Justus)

Edward Henry Smith Memorial – The Descendants of John Smith (b.1746) of Scotland, The

European Paintings Before 1500

Gardiner’s Atlas of English History

George III and the American Revolution: The Beginnings

Genealogy Descendants of Edward Colburn Coburn 1635-1913

Hellas – A Short History of Ancient Greece

History of Rome for High Schools and Academies, A

Introduction to Russian History & Culture, An

J. F. K. Reckless Youth (Hamilton)

John Hill of Dover in 1649, and Some of His Descendants (Lapham)

John Paul Barringer (1721-1807) of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus, North Carolina

Life, Letters and Journals (Alcott)

Mary Leonida Bilodeau Memorial, Wife of Edward Henry Smith – The Descendants of Jean Bilodeau of Canada

National Party Conventions 1831-1976

New Hampshire Underground Railroad 1834-1942 from Wilbur H. Siebert Papers, Box 92, Folders 1-4 (microfilm copy)

Prescott Memorial 1500 to 1870, The

Rambles About Portsmouth (Brewster) (2 vols.)

Roamin In the Gloamin

Roman Society In the Last Century of the Western Empire

Shepard Families of New England, The (Vol. III) (Gerald Shepard)

Shorter History of England, A

The Smyth Smythe Family of New England – The Descendants of William Smith of Glasgow, Scotland

Vol. 1 – History and Biographies
Vol. 2 -  Part One Pages 1-240
Vol. 3 – Part Two Pages 241-497
Vol. 4 – Archive Searches Probate Records

Special Report On: Ireland The 1659 Census

Supplement to Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Harris, Sr. 1702-1788 (Stratton), A

Washington and the American Revolution (Wright)

Wentworth/Gardner House Tour (videocassette)