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Materials on file in the Odom Library
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Archibald Gillespie in California (John Wright)

Basic Genealogical & Historical Research Guide for Ireland

Clogher Cathedral Graveyard

Colonial Heroines of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia

Family Tree of Dugald-Duncan Gillespie of the Isle of Islay 205AD -  1967AD (Malcolm D Gillespie)

Gaul of the Eccentric Scott, The (Malcolm D Gillespie)

Gillespie (Kenneth Wilde)

Gillespie Church (W. T. Gillespie)

Gillespie Family Record: Directory of Descendants of John & Sarah Woods Gillespie (Edith Gillespie)

Gillespie Family Tree with Related Families (Opal Sutherland)

Gillespie’s Gold (Earl McPherson)

Guide to Copies & Abstracts of Irish Wills (Rev. Clare)

History and Descendants of James Gillespie 1760 – 1990

History of Blount County Tennessee from War Trail to Landing Strip 1795 – 1955 (Inez Burns)

History of the Big Spring Presbyterian Church, Newville, PA 1737 – 1898
History of the Gillespie – Steele Family (Eunice Speer)

Ireton, Oklahoma: Forgotten Pioneer Town

Iretons of Canada Vol. I & II

Iretons of Kansas and Oklahoma, The

Iretons of New Zealand, The

Irish County Maps of the Locations of Churches in Ulster Province
James Hughes 1843-1921 (Biography of a Western Pioneer)

Lentz- Gillespie Family Histories

Notes for Pedigrees of Deacon, Dobbin, Gillespie, King, McMeakin, Martin, Mulholland, Ogle, Oliver (J.D. Deacon)

Patriarch, The - Rise and Fall of the Bingham Dynasty

Primer for Irish Genealogical Research
Research files of LaRoux K Gillespie

Tracing Your Ancestors (Anthony Camp)

Ulster Genealogical & Historical Guild


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