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  A Mysterious Spirit: The Bell Witch of Tennessee  
  The Beall and Bell Families  
  The Bell Family in Dumfriesshire  
  Maryland Heritage-A Family History  
  A Scot Goes West- The Story of David and Mary Ann Bell  
  Samuel Bell's Riddle 1756-1982  
  Bell, McDaniel, Nodine, Johnson, Genealogical History  
  Robert Beall (Bell) "The Scotsman" Immigrant  
  Thomas James Bell of Virginia and Kentucky  
  Adams-Bell Genealogies and Allied families  
  Colonial Families of the United States Descended from the Immigrants Who Arrived Before 1700, ...Bell, Beal, Beale, Beall  
  Carillon :Bell Chimes" Issues January-August 1992 and  
  The Bells History of Shenandoah Valley, VA and Knox county, TN  
  One Line of Descent From Our Immigrant Alexander Bell/Beall of Maryland - A Genealogical History 1600AD to 2000AD  
  The Bell Family By Robert F. Bell, Sr.  
  Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia  
  The families of Thomas Marion Bell and Thomas Charles Colston  
  Wyatt Thomas Bell (31 Jul 1848-13 Nov 1910) Ancestors, Descendants, Connections  
  The Bells of St. Andrews  
  Orientation Information for Prospective Members- Bell Family Association of the United States  
  Memorial of the Clan Bells, More Particularly of the Bells of Kirkonnel and Blackethouse (Chiefs of the Name) By C.C. Magruder, Jr  
  Colonel Ninian Beall-Historical Papers of the Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Columbia, No.6, 1911  
  The Colonial War Services of Colonial Ninian Beall 1625-1717; Colonial George Beall, 1695-1780; and Colonel Ninian Beall 1729-1807 By Zebina Moses  
  John Yates Beall, Confederate Commando By Cameron Mosely