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Materials on file in the Odom Library
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Every document in the Genealogy Department is reference only and may not leave the library unless the Clan has established other policies.

The following is an informal listing of topics of materials placed in our files in numbered folders. For further explanations or descriptions, please contact us at Your question will be delivered to the appropriate person.

In our collection there are numerous bibliography and family history or pedigree charts for individuals and families in the Clan Farquharson. In the family folders there are unique materials of interest to  researchers of this clan. The following Septs have information on file in the Odom Library.


  Barrie, DeBarre, Barrge, Barry
  Christie, Christy

Couttes, Coats, Coates










Paterson, Patterson


MaeCaig, McCaig, McKaig, McKaigh


MacCartney, Macartney


MacHardy, MacHarday, MacHardie

  MaeKerchar, Macerchar, MacKerichar
  McQuaig, McQuague


There are additional materials related to the Farquharson which include but are not limited to:

Lyon/Lyons 1900 Iowa Soundex

  Lyon/Lyons 1920 Iowa Soundex
  Lyon 1910 Illinois Soundex
  Records of Invercauld, The

Scottish Nation 1971, The