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  1. Chairman Edwin Holcombe, Jr.

Materials on file in the Odom Library
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Every document in the Genealogy Department is reference only and may not leave the library unless the Clan has established other policies.

The following is an informal listing of topics of materials placed in our files in numbered folders. For further explanations or descriptions, please contact us at Your question will be delivered to the appropriate person.

  Branch of the Andrew Morrison Family of Greenbrier County, (W) Virginia, A
  Branches (Morrison Family Newsletter)
  Casto Morrison Family (folder)
  Cemeteries of Lafayette, Paradise & Pleasant Grove Townships, Coles County, IL (Vol. I) (folder)
  Cemeteries of Mattoon, North Okaw & Humbolt Townships, Coles County, IL (Vol. II) (folder)
  Clan Morrison of North America "Southern Branch" (picture album
  Clan Morrison Miscellaneous
  Century of Challenge, Change and Service The Women of Rocky River, A
  Donald Morrison The Canadian Outlaw (Oscar Dhu)

Early Marriages, Coles Co., IL 1871-1890 (folder)


Early Marriages, Coles Co., IL 1851-1870 (folder)

  Family Chart of John Morrison and Prudence Gwyn (folder)

Fighting Brieves


Historic Rocky River Presbyterian Church 1751-1958


History of the Morison or Morrison Family, The


History of Orange County, New York (folder)


The Illustrated History of Methodism


Information on Patterns for Dancers (folder)


Inscriptions on Stones, Monuments, and Tombs at Little Britain, Orange Co., NY (folder)


John Watson Morrison (Coles Co., IL) (folder)


Loch Norman Piper Newsletter, The  (Winter 1993) (folder)

  Miscellaneous Morrison Families (folder)

Morrison Clan Genealogies (2 Vol.)


Morrison Families in the Records of Clan Morrison of North America

  Morrison Family of the Rocky River Settlement of North Carolina History and Genealogy, The

Morrison or Morrisons or Morrisonville National Geographic Names Database


Morrison Morsels and Memories


National & Local Festivals of Scotland (The May-Pole) (folder)


Philip Morrison (Ulster, Ireland) (folder)


Presbyterian Church, Concord, North Carolina 1876-1976


Presbyterian Congregation on Rocky River, The


Proclamation Honoring Cynthia Morrison (folder)


Poems (by Jodney) (folder)


Red Frisbee with Morrison Crest on Front


Robert W. Morrison (Commemorative Medal Awarded by Russia) (folder)


Some Descendants of James Morrison (1697-1778) of Provdence, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina


Sporran Newsletter, The  (Mar. 1961 Sept. 1992)


Your Clan Heritage Clan Morrison